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No puppies available at this time.

No litter plans at this time.
Offering stud services beginning 2024.

The Basics

Puppy Raising Protocols

Puppies are raised inside our home with Puppy Culture. By utilizing Puppy Culture, we are able to introduce puppies to a variety of experiences. Our goal is to build confidence in our puppies for success in the next stages of their lives. We also begin potty training and crate training the puppies before they go to their homes to help owners with that transition. Everything that we have started needs to be continued when the puppy arrives at your home. Crate training, potty training, nail trimming/maintenance bathing, social outings, playtime, and training are all important skills that we begin while the puppies are here with us and must be practiced in their new homes for the best chance of success!

Registration and Microchip

All Wynversa Border Collie puppies will be sold with AKC registration on a co-ownership. Puppies sold to pet or performance homes will be sold on limited registration. Puppies sold to show homes will be sold on full registration. All dogs will remain on co-ownership until terms of the contract are met or the dog is altered.


Puppies sold on limited registration must alter between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. Alteration can include alternative forms, such as ovary-sparing spays and vasectomies. If altered prematurely, certain parts of the health guarantee in the contract are void.

Microchip and Vaccinations

All puppies will receive their microchips before they leave our home. It is required that I stay on the dog's microchip for the duration of their life as a safety measure. Puppies will receive age-appropriate vaccinations while they are here. We support the use of titer testing after initial rounds of vaccinations (1+ year old).

Pick Up

All puppies must be picked up in person in Bartlett, IL. If you are flying, you are required to fly the puppy as carry-on and will be responsible for purchasing the carrier for me to get the puppy used to being in there before the flight. Puppies may be picked up between 8-10 weeks.

Return Policy

All puppies must be returned to us if the home is not a good fit. We will refund the purchase price. We ask that our puppies to come back to us if no longer wanted regardless of age or reason. 

Waitlist, Pricing & Deposits

We do not take deposits for any of our litters. Anyone looking to have a puppy from us is encouraged to fill out our application. I will review applications within 2 weeks of submission. If you do not hear from me within 2 weeks, please follow up on our contact form on this website or on Facebook messenger. Puppies are priced depending on the costs associated for each litter. Puppies must be paid in full prior to leaving. All puppies are sold on contracts that must be signed prior to leaving as well.


What to consider before applying?

Puppy Selection

We place our puppies in their best fit home. This means that our waitlist is not first come, first served. Once the puppies are born, I will review those on my waitlist My goal is to match each puppy with their forever home in terms of temperament, personality, drive, sociability, and everything in between. I will be making notes throughout each puppy's time with me as well as having an independent evaluator come out to assess puppies at 7 weeks old. This will give me the information I need to help place each puppy appropriately.

Is the border collie the right breed for me?

The border collie breed is diverse and there are many different lines that fit a variety of needs.I encourage everyone interested in getting into the breed to go out and meet border collies (mine included) at events. Doing research is important for this breed - this is a working breed. My dogs are active, thrive with daily mental stimulation and physical exercise, and have jobs in the sports, shows, and work that they do. Border collies are sensitive by nature - they do best with fair training methods and partnership. Border collies live to please you and want to be right, but they are also highly intelligent and will get into trouble if left bored and to their own devices. I would recommend this breed to anyone looking for an active dog to do things with. At this time, I do not place any of my puppies as service dog prospects.

Breeder and Owner Relationship

I would love nothing more than to maintain contact with my puppy owners throughout the life of the puppy. I do request that owners keep in touch with me, whether on text, email, facebook, or in person, especially for the first two years of the life of the puppy. Photos, videos, and everything in between are always a bonus to receive from my puppy owners. I am here to give you lifetime support for your puppy and help in any way that I can! I would love nothing more than to see you and your puppy succeed in all of your adventures and am here to offer any advice (training or other related).

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