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Top Notch Into The Unknown

Sire: MultiCH Piccolo Monello Jump For Joy (Thiago)
Dam: GCH CH U-CH Top Notch Shadow Kissed CGCA RA (Roza)

Risk, who is named from the popular song in Frozen 2 “Into the Unknown”, is the perfect balanced blend of brains and beauty. Risk has a sweet, loving demeanor to him. He greets people and dogs in a curious, polite way when allowed, but otherwise he is a pretty naturally neutral dog. He’s temperamentally sound in just about every way, including noises, surfaces, people, dogs, crowds, various weather, fireworks, and everything in between. He has been to various dog sporting events and is quite an adaptable dog - no fears or insecurities, mainly just curiosity or excitement to see what everything is about. We explore different hiking trails often, and he spends a majority of the time off leash enjoying the nature. He is also public access trained and walks well on a leash staying engaged on his handler. When working, training, and playing, Risk tends to be on the more serious side awaiting direction from his handler. He is more of a thinker than doer, with natural offered impulse control. We train and compete in a handful of dog sports together, including (and not limited to): conformation, rally, disc, dock diving, herding, and agility. Risk's zest for life really shines in disc and agility. He is a fast dog, focused on the task at hand, and wants to be right. With exceptional food and toy drive, it is easy to train Risk to be successful in a variety of venues, even with green handlers like ourselves. Risk makes both a lovely active companion with an excellent off switch and a skilled sport dog by turning it on when it’s time. He is a gem and a team player. I love this sweet boy and am excited for our future together.


Best In Specialty Show Owner-Handled (BISSOH)

Award of Merit (AOM)

AKC Multiple Group Placing

AKC Multiple NOHS Group Winning & Placing

UKC Best in Show & Multiple Group Placing

2023 AWI World Championship 2nd Place Toss & Catch

Multiple High Triple & High Combined AKC Rally

 Health and Genetic Information 

About Risk

Date of Birth: October 11, 2020

Height: 19"

Weight: 38 lbs

Ears: taped

Color: blue and white

Can produce: black and blue

Owned by: Sarah Hand & Kyle Hand

Co-owned and bred by: Angela Efinger

Genetic Testing

Animal Genetics BCG: Clear

Optimal Selection: EAOD carrier

Embark: Clear

AKC DNA: #V10053636

Orthopedic Testing

PennHIP: 0.34 / 0.33 DI

OFA Hip: Excellent

OFA Elbow: Normal

OFA Shoulder: Normal

OFA Patella: Normal

OFA Spine: Normal

OFA Advanced Cardiac: Normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal

OFA Dentition: Normal

OFA BAER: Normal

OFA CAER: Normal w/ BO (2023)
OFA CAER: Normal (2024) 

OFA DNA Panel: Completed

OFA CHIC #: 181909

Animal Acting

Risk had the opportunity to begin his animal acting career in 2023! Watch the video to see his first ever gig where he worked on set for a Crate and Barrel advertisement for a vegan leather couch. See the listing online here.

 Sport Accomplishments And Progress 

AKC Conformation

Puppy of Achievement (POA)

Championship (CH)

Grand Championship (GCH)

Regular Group 2 - 1x

Regular Group 3 - 1x

NOHS Group 1 - 3x

NOHS Group 2 - 5x

NOHS Group 3 - 4x

NOHS Group 4 - 5x

UKC Conformation

Championship (CH)

Best in Show - 1x

Group 1 - 1x

Group 2 - 1x

Group 4 - 1x

Border Collie Society of America

Versatility Award - 6/2023

NADD Dock Diving

Dock Junior (DJ) & Dock Senior (DS) titles

PB of 18'9"

CPE Speedway Agility

Speedway Elite Title (CSW-E) in 6 runs

AKC Agility

Novice Fast: 1/3 Qs

Novice JWW: 1/3 Qs

UKI Agility

Beginner Jumping: 1 Q


Herding (AKC)

PT: 2 Passing Scores

Herding (AHBA)

JHD: 2 Passing Scores

AKC Rally

Titles Earned: RN, RA, RE, RM, RAE

QQQs: 15/20
Master Points: 94/150
RACH Points: 327

High Triple - 2x

High Combined - 2x

1st place - 8x

2nd place - 7x

3rd place - 7x

4th place - 5x

Disc (UpDog)

Bronze UPs: 12
Silver UPs: 11
Gold UPs: 10
Platinum UPs: 4
Unobtanium UPs: 1

Link to profile with stats/PBs

Disc (AWI)

2023 Worlds Qualifier

2023 2nd place Worlds Toss and Catch


Disc (USDDN)

2023 Worlds Alternate Spot Qualifier

Disc (Quadruped)

2024 Ohio - 1st Place Men's Division & Longest Catch (98 yds)

Disc (Skyhoundz Classic)

2024 Wisconsin - 3rd & World Qualifier (Sport)

YouTube Channel

2024 Rally Practice

I have created a YouTube channel to showcase Risk's accomplishments. Click to watch a showcase of his current progress in sports and to see more of his accomplishments!

Yearly Awards and Accomplishments

Rally National Championship Qualification (Excellent)
: NOHS Top 20

Quadruped (Ohio): 1st Place Men's Division & Longest Catch (98 yards)

Skyhoundz Classic (Wisconsin): 3rd Place & Q into Worlds Sport Division; 4th Place Open Division


Rally National Championship Qualification (Advanced): 15th Overall in Advanced Class

BCSA National Specialty: Best in Working Dog Sweepstakes, People's Choice Top 20 NOHS, Award of Merit, Best of Breed Owner Handled

AWI World Championship: Qualified for World Championship; 2nd Place Toss and Catch

UpDog Triple Crown: 23rd Overall Worldwide

UpDog Crossover Crown: 19th Overall Worldwide

USDDN: Qualified for World Championship

AKC: #8 NOHS Border Collie




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