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Border collies bred with the talent and temperament for versatility.


Our dogs are not kennel dogs - they live in our home with us. We are active in a variety of dog sports, mostly conformation, disc, rally, herding, dock diving, and agility. However, when our dogs are not out competing, they are snuggled up in our home watching movies with us, playing out in the backyard, or on the trails hiking with us. Because our dogs are exposed to a variety of sports, venues, environments, and experiences, we have a thorough idea of the stability of our dogs temperaments. This gives us the ability to move forward with our program in the direction we aim for: producing a physically sound, stable border collie capable and eager to engage in a variety of venues as well as being suitable for companionship.



The health of the dogs we own and produce is paramount. We go above and beyond for health and genetic testing. No stone is left unturned for gathering any necessary information before deciding to breed a dog. We understand that there is more to breeding than the dog in front of us and take great pride in staying up to date on latest research and findings relevant to the border collie breed. Any and all breeding dogs in our program will have been extensively health tested prior to a breeding taking place. The longevity, health, and temperament of the breed is paramount to the breed's success.

Breed & Community

As stated previously, we are active in dog sports with our border collies. These dogs are active, intelligent, and driven - therefore, it is important to conduct appropriate research before deciding to own a border collie. These dogs need activity or a job to live their happiest life. Luckily, there is a large community out there for border collie owners. We understand that breeding and preserving border collies does not happen in a box, so collaboration and partnerships with those dedicated to the breed are very important to us.  Whether you are interested in a dog from us or not, we are more than happy to get you connected with others to figure out if this is the best fit for you.



If you are looking for an active companion or your next show or sport prospect, you have come to the right place! Because of the intelligence and athleticism of the breed, the border collie makes for an excellent partner in a variety of venues. While there is never a guarantee when placing a puppy, working with a breeder who is familiar with companionship, showing in the ring, and competing in sports will greatly increase your chances of matching with the right puppy for you and your goals. One goal of Wynversa Border Collies is to expose all of our breeding dogs to a variety of sports, be successful in the show ring, work stock regularly enough to get a feel for instinct and working ability, and of course, enjoy all of the finer things in life for dogs such as hiking, patio dinner outings, and (lake) beach adventures.

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